Calling geeks in Reading…

I’ve been thinking about organising some sort of ‘geek night’ event in Reading for a while. Having spoken to a few people, the concensus seems to be that┬áthere are enough local tech types who would be up for it to support a monthly event in Reading. So I’ve decided to stop thinking about organising it and just get on and actually do the organising.

Right now the whole thing is pretty fluid. I have some vague seeds of ideas for how it might work, but am sure the best way to arrange it is to make sure the event is shaped by the people who are going to be there. The simplest way to gather thoughts seemed to be a wiki – its at –┬áplease have a look (to contribute you need to register for an account, but its pretty straightforward and painless).

To start with there are two things we need to do…

1. Get a rough idea of numbers – so please add your name to the “interested” page on the wiki.

2 Work out what we are going to do at the first event. There are some starters for 10 on the wiki, but please add the sort of thing you’d enjoy spending an evening doing.

I’m guessing that we will adjust the format as we learn what works / doesn’t work. So I don’t think its important that we get it 100% right to start with.

If we get at least ten people who can attend and one person who can present something then it’s game-on & I will rustle up a venue and all the other bits & pieces to make it work.

Please pass this on to other people you know who you think might be interested.

For twitter types you can keep up to date with where we are by following @rdgGeek

2 Responses to “Calling geeks in Reading…”

  1. A web designer says:

    Sounds interesting to me as I am a frontend web designer who is currently moving into web development. I feel this would be something beneficial to me looking at what has been done in Oxford with their geek nights.

    My only worry is that people on Twitter who are into social media and PR are promoting it which is fine, however they are just people who are ‘interested’ in web which I’m worried about as this will just turn into another tweetup.

    I want to be getting together with web developers and designs like what is done in Oxford which I thought is what is trying to be achieved.

  2. JIm says:

    Thanks – there have been a few concerns expressed that this might turn into just another tweetup – thats definitely not the intent. I see this as a technical get-together, structured around some talks / presentations, with the format & content guided by the participants. I guess the twitter thing is just that its the easiest way to get the word out.

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